Create this sweet smelling sachet following these easy steps.

Materials for this Sachet:

Stitched Project – LHN Rose Sampler

Cloth for Back



Scented Plastic Pellets

Silk or Cotton Floss for Cord or narrow ribbon

Use pin to mark equal distance from all sides of stitching.  Trim stitched piece on this thread line  Be sure you add about a quarter inch more than the desired finished size to each side of stitching.

Cut Fabric for back of sachet that is the same side as the trimmed stitched piece.


Skip this step if using ribbon.

To make the cord, cut a 1 yard length of 6 or 8 strand floss.  Bring cut ends together and tie in knot creating a loop at one end.

Use tape to secure the end of the floss with the knot to a table, put a hook of some sort that you can easily turn in the looped end.

Gently pull floss toward you with the hook, be careful not to yank off table.  Turn hook clockwise until floss is tightly wound.

holding the middle of the length of thread with one hand, bring end with the hook to the taped end, gently release middle allowing floss to wind around itself.

Remove hook and pull knotted end from tape, gently smooth twists for an even appearance.

Place the cord between the right sides of the sachet front and back.  Leave the ends poking out a tiny bit and be sure the sides of the cord will not be in the stitching area

Sew the two sides together, with right sides together, leaving a wide opening along the bottom.

Turn the sachet right side out, use something pointed, but not sharp to help get the corners turned all the way out. I use a chopstick.

When you have the sachet all the way turned, press it one last time to remove the wrinkles that occurred with stuffing and turning.

Cut a peice of batting just slightly smaller than the outside dimensions of the sachet.  Insert through opening and use fingers or chopstitck to get batting to lay flat.


Make scent pillow by cutting a small piece of muslin, no wider than sachet.  Fold in half and sew bottom and side.

Fill with scented pellets and sew across top.

Insert tiny scent pillow into bottom of sachet, sew opening closed.

Enjoy this pretty little sachet around your home, or surprise a friend!


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